J.B. Hunt and Google collaborate to develop new supply chain technologies

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On Feb 17, Google and J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc have agreed to work together in the coming years. Utilizing Google Cloud’s Innovative cloud technologies and its advanced Artificial Technologies, J.B. Hunt’s 360 supply chain platform expansion connects shipments with available capacities digitally, creating more efficiency and enhancing visibility within the platform .

In the $1 trillion logistics industry, real-time data is a key, as consumers have raised demand for faster services and more transparency on their shipments. J.B. Hunt’s 360 platform aims to centralize data from across the supply chain, capacity utilization, pricing and transportation execution. Google’s Data Cloud will better predict outcomes, empower users, and make informed decisions. Using advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will develop new services to digitally transform the shipping and logistics experience for shippers, carriers, and service providers. 

Powering J.B. Hunt 360 on Google Cloud will help the mission to create the most efficient transportation network in North America. 

Is this where the future is headed for transportation companies? Will other large transportation companies start working together with other big tech companies to innovate and change how transportation is done? If that is the case, we are expecting a big change in how traditional transportation is done in the coming years.

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