FedEx pledges $2 billion to become carbon-neutral by 2040

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Package giant FedEx said on Wednesday it hopes to become carbon-neutral across operations by 2040 and pledged $2 billion of “initial investments” toward the goal. 

FedEx said one focus will be electric vehicles. It hopes to have its parcel pickup and delivery fleet fully electrified by 2040, with interim goals like making 50% of new vehicle purchases electric by 2025.

Elsewhere, it’s emphasizing less polluting aviation fuels, more efficient planes, making its thousands of buildings more efficient, and buying more renewable power.

FedEx is also looking to expand the use of natural carbon sequestration systems by donating Yale University $100 million to launch the Yale Center for Natural Carbon Capture.

The center aims to “develop interventions that enhance the Earth’s abilities to store carbon and other methods that model natural processes. 

Increasing CO2 update via practices like protecting growing new forests, more efficient photosynthesis, soil and farm management techniques, boosting earth’s natural CO2 absorption in rock formations, and more.

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