Patagonia – clothing company’s approach to environmental sustainability

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Patagonia’s strong mission is to protect nature and it has involved with the community and environmentalism in meaningful ways – connecting people online to meaningful local events, supporting grassroots protesters, launching petitions for various environmental initiatives, and making more than 70% of its clothing line from recycled materials. 

“Buy less, Use more” 

Patagonia’s Recycling Program took back 45 tons of clothes for recycling from their customers and turned 34 tons into new clothes. The campaign encouraged consumers to repair and reuse their clothing rather than disposing of it, returning them for recycling, or replacing them once worn out.

“ Don’t buy this jacket”

The brand campaign was a great success. The initiative repaired more than 30,000 items in 18 months. Sales increased by 30% to $540 million in the following year.

This company’s brand proves that you can get creatives in your search for sustainability, and considering the fact that many of their products are more expensive than comparable products, but their clients are extremely loyal.